Your financial support helps our programs and activities thrive.

Summer Programs (5 weeks)

  • No Cost to parents/guardians
  • Well structured, supervised activities
  • New career paths, workforce development & peaceable learning space


HS Students

  • Paid
  • Volunteer
  • Community Service
  • Workforce preparedness

Family Engagement Activities

  • All parents, guardians, and primary care providers are welcome 
  • Family collaboration is key to our success
  • Individualized support

Winter-Holiday Activities

  •  December's holiday break
  • Week long fun and educational activities for children 5-17
  • Safe, secure and supervised

Community Service

Community  engagement, and volunteer opportunities with families and students 

Print Publication

  • Our print publication  assists our high school students with experience in marketing, public relations, writing, branding, team work, deadlines, research and fact gathering  appreciation. 

Our Partners